Survival Kit | Bellissima 1/99

Deborah Ligorio, Survival Kit - Bellissima 1/99, 2012, assemblage: egg box, paper, woolen cloth, string, 19x12x9 cm.

The Survival Kit Bellissima is dedicated to Luchino Visconti's film (with the same title, 1951) and in particular to the aspirations and desperation, expectation and projections, of the mother Maddalena (Anna Magnani) towards her daughter and the dream of making her become a young actress in Cinecittà.

link eBay : http://bit.ly/LcPRX4

Survival Kit | Researcher Marcella 1/99

Deborah Ligorio, Survival Kit - Researcher Marcella 1/99, 2012, assemblage: kraft bubble envelope, paper, in-ear headphones, socks, rubber band, 27x13x12 cm.

Marcella is one of the many academics forming part of the so called “brain drain”. A young Italian researcher that despite a double MA couldn't find a payed position in Italy. After a number of unpaid internships she decided to move abroad.

link eBay: http://bit.ly/KgjDiX

Survival Kit | Kostas

Deborah Ligorio, Survival Kit - Kostas, 2012, bronze, 29x13x12 cm.

Survival Kit | Kostas 1/99

Deborah Ligorio, Survival Kit - Kostas 1/99, 2012, assemblage: ethernet cable, toothbrush, plastic shaker cup, paper, rubber band, 29x13x12 cm.

Kostas was an employee at the greek TV station Alter Channel. The company was occupied by its workers, who are striking because they didn't receive their salaries for over a year. In the meantime, Kostas has lost his house and moved in at the TV station.

link eBay: http://bit.ly/LBx86a

Survival Kit | The person who continued to function 1/99

Deborah Ligorio, Survival Kit - The person who kept functioning 1/99, 2012, assemblage: egg box, paper, book, wooden meter, belt, 22x10x12 cm.

This survival kit is inspired by the story of Elaine. Despite she would hold things carefully they would break. 
link eBay: http://bit.ly/LrDzhK