Survival Kit | Gayatri Spivak 1/99

Deborah Ligorio, Survival Kit - Gayatri Spivak 1/99, 2013, assemblage: cloth, avocado seed, brush handle, 22x19x11cm.

This Survival Kit is dedicated to Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak when she says: "The double bind starts to kick in. (...) You cannot be against globalization; you can only work collectively and persistently to turn it into strategy-driven rather than crisis-driven globalization".

Survival Kit | Researcher Marcella 4/99

Deborah Ligorio, Survival Kit - Researcher Marcella 4/99, 2013, assemblage: kraft bubble envelope, gantlet, rope, 8x 13x 27cm

Marcella is one of the many academics forming part of the so called “brain drain”. A young Italian researcher that despite a double MA couldn't find a payed position in Italy. After a number of unpaid internships she decided to move abroad.