Survival Kit - Fabio

Deborah Ligorio, Survival Kit - Fabio 1/99, 2012, hammer, paper, baby Nike Jordan shoe, bread, rubber band, 25x11x12cm.

Fabio works at Taranto's ILVA steel plant, one of the biggest facilities of metallurgical industry in Europe and of the most polluting. He has three kids. When interviewed on TV about the measures to be taken against the factory he says “it's better to die of pollution than of starvation”.

Survival Kit | The person who kept functioning + Survival Kit | Nuccio

Deborah Ligorio, Survival Kit - The person who kept functioning, 2012, bronze, 22x10x12 cm.

This survival kit is inspired by the story of Elaine. Despite she would hold things carefully they would break. 

Deborah Ligorio, Survival Kit - Nuccio 1/99, 2012, glass container, absorbent material, tin can, paper, rope, 20x16x9cm.

Nuccio always grew his own chicory, his eggplants, his olives, his vineyard on his own piece of land. At 65 he was diagnosed lung cancer. He never smoked. His piece of land lies few kilometers east of Taranto's ILVA steel plant that emitted 92% of Italy's dioxins.